Two cars get damaged met in an accident

Why should you choose us to sell damaged cars in Dallas?

If you are a person who is looking for opportunities to sell your car in Dallas, this blog is for you. Buydamagedcarnow is here for you to make a few bucks effectively. We ensure maximum value for your vehicle irrespective of its condition. We buy non running cars across Dallas and provide on-the-spot payment. Here are some of the significant advantages of choosing us over others in the market.  

Receive on-the-spot payment and maximum value for your junk car:

            If you are planning on getting rid of your junk car, wait no longer. In order to get the maximum value for your damaged car, we suggest you get rid of it as soon as possible. The overall value of a vehicle inevitably diminishes with time, and so it is advisable to wait any longer. We offer instant-quote for cars, and you will receive on-the-spot payment.  

Make some space for your new car:

            If you are planning on getting a new car, now would be a good time. It is not advisable to keep damaged vehicles in your garage anymore as it will take up more space. If your car isn’t roadworthy anymore, sell it off quickly as possible. You can also utilize the money in buying a new car, which is far more beneficial.

Ditch your unwanted car easily:

            People have always found it difficult to sell an unwanted car as it is not easy to get potential buyers. As your vehicle is no longer usable, chances are very less that people will be interested in your car. In that case, getting in touch with damaged car buyers will be the ideal choice.  

Benefits of selling your car:

            Abandoning junk cars adds up to numerous environmental threats, and so it would be better if you sell your vehicle as soon as possible. For the well being of society and the environment, ensure that your car doesn’t end up in landfills. A majority of service providers buy damaged cars and recycle them. They can deploy eco-friendly methods to dispose of salvage parts without causing any problems.  


We at Buydamagedcarnow pay cash to buy non running cars. We also provide tow truck services for picking up your vehicle. If you are interested in selling your damaged car in Dallas for cash, choose us for safe and secure services. Give us a call or fill out our online to get in touch with us. Our professionals will contact you directly with the information you provide and will offer a suitable quote for your vehicle. Most people do not prefer to go with damaged car buyers as they will have to pay the towing charges. However, we do not charge our customers and provide 100% free towing services. If you live within a 200-mile radius, you can schedule the free pickup time at your convenience. We will take care of everything from pickup to disposal, and you will get paid in cash for your junk car.