We buy damaged cars for Cash

Sell Your Damaged Cars for Cash

It might have been damaged in an accident. Something else entirely could have happened. No matter what it was, though, you now have a damaged vehicle on your hands, and selling it is going to be tougher than you ever imagined. After all, who is going to buy a damaged car?

Actually, we will.

Cash for Damaged Cars? Really?

It may sound too good to be true, but we buy damaged cars. Wondering why? We’re one of the top damaged car buyers online because, to us, they’re incredibly valuable. Even damaged cars have parts and precious metals like copper inside. We work to recover those parts or recycle the metal so it can all be repurposed and put to new use. For our sellers, it’s just one less thing they have to think about. For us, it’s a business we care deeply about.


There are other ways to get rid of your damaged car, but not many are quite as easy. You could try to work with a dealership, but most won’t take a damaged vehicle. You could also try to list it online, but then you’re going to have to manage the paperwork on your own, vet buyers, and try to make the sale on your own. It could be quite a while before you see any cash from that. With us, though, the process is incredibly easy. You fill out our form, telling us a bit about the vehicle and your location in USA, we make you an offer, then once that offer has been accepted, we pay you cash and haul off your vehicle.

If you’re ready to sell your damaged car for cash, we’re ready to help anywhere in USA. Contact buy damaged car now today to learn more about the process or complete our simple form!

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