Here’s what you need to do in order to avoid junk yard scams

Gone are the days when people used to rely on newspaper ads, flyers, dealerships to buy damaged cars. We witnessed the rise of several reselling websites in this decade. Although there are several options, a significant segment of people are still reluctant to sell their cars online as they don’t prefer to trust strangers. If you find yourself within that demographic, this article is for you. We will walk you through some of the crucial aspects that are barely discussed in the wider community.

If you are a newbie to this niche, there is no shame in learning. Admitting it would be better than proceeding further and getting ripped. People go through several hassles while selling their junk cars; however, there are few ways to get through them and skip the line. Here are some of the proven ways to avoid being scammed while selling your vehicle. 

Look for the authenticity of a website:

            Every website will provide forms for people interested in buying damaged cars to fulfil their requirements. However, next time you fill out an online form regarding your vehicle, ensure that your site is credible and secured. If you are a newbie to this, we suggest you look for the lock symbol on your browser’s address bar. Its encryption level can easily predict the credibility of a site. You need not have to worry about data privacy issues while sharing your information. 

Go through the terms and conditions of a website:

            Yeah, we get it. We’ve been there. We know how painful it is to go through the terms and conditions. Although there is zero fun in reading it, you will be benefited in another way as it holds some valuable pieces of information. You can use this info as your trump card during critical situations to save yourself. It is mandatory for a website to have a privacy policy if it claims itself to be legitimate. Websites have no rights to use your personal information without your consent.

Keep track of the information you share:

            We advise you not to give out any personal information apart from the phone number and email address. Do not compromise your safety and privacy by sharing any further information as it will put you in deep waters. People who are looking for opportunities to buy non running cars should not pay before examining the vehicle in person. It would be better if you choose to purchase your car from trusted websites. 

Make sure that you talk face-to-face:

            If a website asks you to transfer funds online before taking a look at the car in person and you still choose to proceed with it, you are clearly ignoring the red flags. It would also be impersonal to accept such offers online. Is it even a legitimate business deal, if you didn’t shake hands at the end of it? We have also hired professionals with a proven track of experience in this niche to answer your questions. They will be available round the clock and are trained to answer questions that arise from potential buyers.

Get multiple quotes before zeroing on an actual price:

            In most cases, people do not get a fair price for their car. Most people agree to the first quote they come across; it is not recommended to do so. By agreeing to the first quote, damaged car buyers will lose the maximum value they can get. However, by coming across multiple quotes, you will be able to fetch a fair market value. 

Do not fall for towing firms:

            In a majority of cases, towing firms will act as the middleman for your business deal. It would be better if you arrange for pick up on your own instead of relying on towing firms. We at buydamagedcarnow do not encourage any middleman as our business processes are entirely transparent and reliable.

            You can also avail our free towing services if you find any hassles in arranging one. Since we have our fleet of towing service providers, your car will be picked up in a short span of time by professionals. You can sit back and relax while we take care of the work. We are committed to providing maximum value for damaged car buyers on our platform.

How to arm yourself in order to sell your used car?

            Here’s a list of things that you must not shake off your mind in order to stay away from scams. Ensure that you have all the paperwork and receipts for your car. We advise you to take photocopies of essential documents in order to stay on the safer side. It would be better if you keep your car clean in order to fetch the maximum value proposition. The better the shape of your car, the higher will be the market value of it.

As selling a vehicle online is becoming the trend, it should be handled delicately. The more efforts you put in will contribute to an increase in the price of your car. The key is to upload genuine information about your car to increase transparency. By accompanying an expert in this niche, you can significantly minimize the chances of ripped.

            Stick with the thumb rule, do not accept any kind of online payments before meeting them in person. It would be better if you go for hard cash instead of digital transactions. Since cashier’s checks can be easily faked, stay away from it. Although people worldwide are getting ripped on a daily basis, we take the extra mile to ensure maximum safety for users. Our online reviews and history of deals can be the sole factor to trust us. Get in touch with our customer service team to get a quote for your car today!